Micah and his crew finished polishing the floor on Monday, and they covered it up with a layer of rosin paper and some plastic sheeting to protect it from everything coming up.  I can’t say enough how amazing the floor looks, better than we had ever imagined.

Floors finished.  Micah and his crew came back after we pulled up all the plastic (laden with drywall mud, cigarette butts, candy wrappers, and assorted other detrius) and gave the floors a final polish, sealed the cracks, and added a few…accent pieces where we had previously left some knockouts.  They came back a bit later and poured the shower pan for the walk in master shower, which also turned out great.  I couldn’t be happier with the work they did.

Andy & Jill
(Polished Concrete Floors)

I love my concrete.  You do such an amazing job and your employees are so nice and professional.  I would recommend A&M to everyone.  I will definitely have you come back next year as well.  
Thanks again
Sherri & Jody
  (Stamped patio)

Just wanted to write a note to thank you for the great job you and your
crew did on your place.  From the mess that you had to start with, it is
truly amazing how it looks now.  Plus, we have never had such a wonderful
four men to do work for us than you and your guys.  You all were truly
gentlemen at all times.

We have recommend you to two individuals, without them seeing our place.
Yesterday a neighbor that had seen the floor prior to your working your
magic, came by to look at it.  They are building a new house and after
seeing the floor, asked for your name and contact information.  I sent them
your website this morning. 

Our only regret is that we don't have more work for you to do.   We will
continue to recommend you to everyone that needs concrete work.

Jerry and Shirley
    (strip floor & polish)